The Big Bash: Birthday Party Planning Guide for the Busy Mama

As a first time mom, you go through all of the exciting firsts of seeing your little one grow up. From crawling to walking to learning how to ride a bike, the milestones and “firsts” continue throughout. Lately, I have one major milestone on my brain though…. their first birthday party. Mamas, Im feeling alll the feels with this one…

How can she already almost be one!?

Celebrating birthday parties can seem overwhelming, stressful and even emotional for some moms, so here’s my attempt to share some tips in planning a fun and memorable birthday party for your kiddo. I hope you find them helpful!

1. Involve your Child in the Planning Process

Kids love to help and are naturally interested in things that involve them. Instead of spending your energy trying to brainstorm ideas of what to do, ask them! Consider a few of their favorite things–favorite movies, shows, activities or toys. Find out what kind of cake/dessert they want and what colors are speaking to them at that moment to get party decor then execute accordingly. Pro mom tip: bring them to a party store to help pick out decorations!

2. Planning the Event

Okay, so I realize #1 will only go so far…you as the mom still need to arrange plans or reservations to a place. In this step, brainstorm activities that go along with the birthday party theme. If your party theme is Barbie, play dress up and provide fun (washable) make up options for the girls to give each other makeovers. Or if its pirate themed, have a pool party or have everyone dress up like pirates. Let your creative juices start flowing mama!

3. Choose Invites

Are you the paper invite lover or are you more into the electronic invites? There are many options for you to explore to make this a seamless and less burdensome way to invite your kiddos’ friends. Some personal e-invites I love are:

4. Recruit Help

On the day of the event, ask a parent (or two) to help keep track of the kids and assist with any last minute planning or set up. Dont hesitate to ask for help!

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