My Non-Negotiables as a Business Owner and Mom

Non-negotiables are values or actions that a person considers to be essential. They are things in my life I never waiver from and to what I believe sets me up for success each day.

Wanna hear a few of my non-negotiables? They might be helpful for you!

  1. Planning ahead + Organization
  2. Meal Prepping
  3. To do List—delegation, automation and feasibility
  4. Workouts + Self Care
  5. Family Time

Planning ahead + Organization

Every Sunday (or sometimes on Fridays when we have plans on Sunday), I will schedule out my week and ensure all of our laundry is done, meals are prepped and care arrangements (if I am unable to get Maddie) are in order. I tidy up our house, create a weekly checklist and touch base with my husband on his plans for the week (as best we can haha!). My husband and I use Google calendar so we are both on the same page with our weeks’ plans. We love this electronic version of our family calendar because it can be brought up and updated on our phones while were on the go throughout the week!

I also set out outfits for the week, repack Maddie’s diaper bag to ensure it is full of diapers, wipes and other necessities.

Once I have things laid out, as a way to wrap up planning and organization, I ask these key questions:

  1. What are my top 3 daily goals for each day?
  2. What chunks of time can I build into our routine for unplanned events? I seriously plan for this…. and its a game changer!!
  3. Is my to do list realistic and feasible with the priorities and responsibilities I have at work and at home?

Meal Prepping

I prep all of our meals ahead of time so that our family has healthy meals that dont take long to cook. This allows us to also spend more quality time together throughout the week and not feel like our evenings are spent cooking. I’ve been meal prepping for years now, and this has been a huge help for me, even moreso now that we have a baby! Grab my meal prepping + grocery list for free here.

Delegation + Automation – a must for my business!

Each week, I sit down and pull out my must-dos and determine what my own skillsets will be focusing on moving forward in my business, what should be automated and what can I delegate. Content, writing, marketing, team trainings, recruiting are all in my wheelhouse. Anything where I dont have to be the face or voice, I delegate to my fabulous assistant to help keep my business running smoothly. I also hired a cleaning lady and seek out help from family and babysitters to help with household tasks + watching Maddie. Its time we be honest, mamas, we cant do it alone! Nor should we have to!

Workouts + Self Care

My stress relief is working out and having time to myself. So these are non-negotiables for me! Every effort I get, I try to also include my workout or self care activity outside so that I can get that amazing Vitamin D and fresh air! It does so much for me and helps me to clear my head and tap into my creative energy to think outside the box and find fun new ways to connect with customers and better serve you! Its truly a blessing to have the support I do from customers with my business and I am forever grateful!

Family Time

Our family lives a very busy lifestyle–we are renovating our house, farming, and all the other social events (like weddings and birthday parties) too. My husband and I prioritize family time and are intentional with creating boundaries from work and other to dos so that we avoid burnout and resentment as much as possible. Family time fills our cups up and making this a non-negotiable helps us to feel more connected as a family!

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