“Me time” isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

Me time…..It’s the pause button in the whirlwind of daily responsibilities – a chance to reconnect with yourself, recharge, and rediscover the woman beyond the role of a mom. Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish; it’s a vital part of being the best version of yourself for your family. Here’s a heartfelt guide on how busy moms can reclaim precious moments for self-care and personal rejuvenation.

Week 1: Mindfulness and Relaxation

Monday: 30-minute evening yoga session after the kids are in bed.

Wednesday: Indulge in a bubble bath with calming music for 45 minutes.

Saturday: Morning meditation for 20 minutes before the day begins.

Week 2: Creative Pursuits

Tuesday: Spend an hour painting or working on a creative project.

Thursday: Attend a local art class or join a creative workshop for a couple of hours.

Sunday: Explore a new hobby or craft for an hour in the afternoon.

Week 3: Social Connection

Monday: Plan a coffee date with a friend or fellow mom for an hour after dropping the kids off.

Wednesday: Join a book club meeting or attend a community gathering for an evening.

Saturday: Organize a virtual game night or catch up with friends online for an hour.

Week 4: Outdoor Activities and Self-Care

Tuesday: Take a nature walk or go for a jog for 45 minutes.

Thursday: Schedule a spa appointment for a relaxing massage or facial in the afternoon.

Sunday: Spend time gardening, snowshoeing or skiing (if in the Midwest) or engaging in an outdoor activity with the family; designate 30 minutes for personal reflection afterward.

Additional Tips: Rotate activities each month to keep things fresh and engaging. Be flexible and adjust the schedule as needed based on family commitments. Communicate your “me time” slots with your family to ensure uninterrupted personal time. Prioritize activities that genuinely recharge you and bring joy. Remember, “me time” is crucial for your well-being.

This schedule is merely a guide; feel free to tailor it to suit your preferences, adding or adjusting activities to align with what brings you the most fulfillment and relaxation.

Angela Bergene

Hi, I'm Angela! This space is dedicated to the hard-working mamas out there who live a busy and active lifestyle and need a community to plug into. Follow along, grab a snack, and enjoy!

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