How Children Teach Us Life’s Most Valuable Lessons

On Tuesday, we didnt have daycare so instead of doing a logistical acrobat in arranging back up care, I decided to take the day off and spend it with my daughter. I knew it was going to be good for me to unplug from work duties and spend the day with Maddie, but what I didnt account for was the little life lessons my little 11 month old daughter taught me in that short amount of time. Now hear me out… I say this loosely….she cant talk yet… but even through her actions, she reminded me what life is all about. There was this lightheartedness about the day that was so refreshing and calming to me.

So here’s three things I took away from spending a day with my 11 month old

1. Life’s too short to be serious all the time

Those who know me, know I am a Type A personality through and through… There’s not much that I do that doesnt scream perfection. And while I think I will always lean toward perfectionist ways, there’s something about a messy kid that just allows me to not take things so seriously and I think thats a good perspective to have.

2. Playing is good for the Soul

Many people may wonder what we did all day long. And honestly, we didnt really do anything. We sat in our living room, played with toys and giggled. There was nothing significant about it, other than it was quality time with each other and that life lesson I believe has been lost by many people through social media, competing priorities, busy schedules…etc… And maybe thats why it was so novel. The simplicity of the day was good for the soul, so go ahead mama, live in the moment and play with your little ones on a tough day. You wont regret it. <3

3. Falling down doesnt mean you cant get back up

My daughter is just starting to learn how to walk. She musters up the confidence to walk a small little step and then rushes to reach for the nearest object to hold onto before she falls. Sometimes shes successful and other times shes not. But this life lesson reminds us all that resilience and not dwelling on failures is a part of life. I watched her fall and get back up each time several times throughout the day and each time she bounced back quickly from her setbacks and tried again.

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