DIY Holiday Decor Ideas to Enjoy with your Kids!

The holiday season is a magical time, especially when you can share it with your kiddos. Creating DIY holiday decorations together not only adds a personal touch to your home decor but also creates lasting memories. Here are some fun and simple DIY decoration ideas that you can enjoy with your kids this Christmas.

1. Handprint Christmas Tree:


Green construction paper, colored paper, glue, scissors, and decorations like glitter, stickers, or markers.


• Trace your child’s hand on the green paper and cut out multiple handprints.

• Arrange and glue these handprints in a tree shape on a large paper.

• Let your child decorate the tree with markers, stickers, or glitter.

2. Paper Plate Snowmen:


Paper plates, colored paper, markers, cotton balls, glue, ribbon.


• Use the paper plates as the snowman’s body.

• Cut out hats and scarves from colored paper and glue them onto the plates.

• Decorate with markers and add cotton balls for a 3D snow effect.

3. Pinecone Christmas Trees:


Pinecones, green paint, small pompoms or beads, glue, and a small star.


• Paint the pinecones green and let them dry.

• Glue pompoms or beads to represent ornaments.

• Top with a small star and use as a charming table decoration.

4. Homemade Christmas Wreaths:


Paper plate, green tissue paper, red ribbon, decorations like bows, bells, or sequins.


• Cut the center out of a paper plate to form a wreath base.

• Glue small pieces of green tissue paper around the plate.

• Decorate with a red ribbon and additional decorations.

5. Festive Window Stickers:


Colored cellophane, black paper, glue, scissors.


• Cut out Christmas shapes like stars, trees, or bells from the cellophane.

• Use black paper to outline the shapes and glue them on windows for a stained-glass effect.

These DIY holiday decoration ideas are not just crafts; they are moments of bonding and creativity with your kiddos. They’re perfect for keeping the kids entertained and involved in the holiday preparations. So, grab your supplies and let the festive fun begin! Remember, the joy is in the creation process as much as in the finished decorations. Happy crafting and happy holidays! 🎄🎨

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